Fonseka’s entry into Presidential race...
General biting the hand that fed him, says Nimal

Healthcare and Nutrition Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said in Diyathlawa recently that President Mahinda Rajapaksa personally told him after the suicide attack on army chief, General Sarath Fonseka, that he was worried about his condition and asked him to get the services of the best medical experts to save his life.

The President advised the Minister to take measures to send the patient abroad in case the required treatment was not available here. But General Fonseka had today bitten the hand that helped him to live, said the Minister.

He also said that General Fonseka had also betrayed the 58 Division of the army and its commander General Shavendra Silva by his statement made to a newspaper that Defence Secretary allegedly ordered to kill all those who came to surrender during the final days of the battle at Nandikadal Lagoon.

The opposition Presidential candidate had betrayed the brave soldiers who destroyed the Tigers, said the Minister.

This had led some western powers, backed by Tiger followers both in and out of the country, to dig out reasons to take them to the international war crimes tribunal, said the Minister.

He added that President Rajapaksa had also asked him to treat Fonseka as his own brother when he was being treated at hospital after the suicide bomb attack. General Fonseka had challenged such a man who had helped him to save his life, said the Minister.

He also pointed out that the UNP Government never granted subsidies to paddy farmers and tea growers, but the UPFA Government had given them a bag of fertilizer at Rs 350 though it cost the government Rs 7,000.

The Minister said Fonseka was today determined to sell a bag of fertilizer at Rs7,000 as that is the policy of the UNP.

He said the services of a veteran politician were needed to govern the country. General Fonseka had no political experience compared to President Rajapaksa. It was just like a lawyer becoming a surgeon. A person with no knowledge of politics could not run a country. A person who understood the day-to-day problems of people with common touch had to be elected to run a country, said the Minister.

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