Jaffna BizPact Summit huge success

Post New Year celebrations could be said to have continued in Jaffna. We, journalists, investors, and a wide cross section of Biz people from Colombo, and foreign origins were all there. It seemed all roads led to the famed Jaffna library; to sit in at the BizPact Summit this week.

Business for Peace Alliance (BPA) catalysts who instrumentalised the BizPact forum in Jaffna had out done itself ensuring metabolism for expansive cross section for commercial activity was subscribed for development rather stultified in progress.

But,this was an obvious eye sore. The scars of war were everywhere on the approach road to Jaffna. Roads were bad. Infrastructure has to be rebuilt. Irrespective of some observable physical normalization there was a long and arduous journey ahead for every day life to return to what it was.

Midst apparent unmentioned strictures the BizPact Summit achieved its aim moving forward to encourage investors that Jaffna was the place to be.

At opening session Jaffna’s Mayor Yogeswary Patgunarajah said services and facilities destroyed during the war had to be re-built. North and East development had to receive upper level priority. She said businessmen had to make profit continuing their business. Profit was an acceptable applicable term to ensure any enterprise thrived and prospered.

She also made the point corporate investment could take advantage of educated manpower needs and this plus quotient would in time out maneuver negated influences that could stifle progress.

Opening session head table occupants Past Chairman BPA H.D.Wijeyanandana, Chief Chairman Chamber of Commerce and Industries, of Yarlpanam K.Pooranachandran, Yogeswary Pathgunarajah, Governor Northern Province, Maj. Gen. G.A.Chandrasiri, who was absent but represented by Mr. Nagarajah, Chairman BPA, and Hambantota CC. Suresh de Mel, Sec. Gen. and CEO, BPA Manique Mendis, Dir. BPA BizPact Project Chairman, C.J.Gunaseela. R. Janakumar President Jaffna CC.

Suresh de Mel, Pres. BPA said there were approximately 200,000 unemployed youth in Jaffna. Of this number about 3000 were graduates. Commercial investors were at an advantage for their man power requirements. Not merely physical labour to fill an employable need but an intelligent segment that could prove extremely useful for entrepreneurs who would invest in the Peninsula.

Public, Private, people, partnerships would progressively enhance investor incentives; apart from these basics that could be beneficial the bigger picture was the essential necessity for social responsibility, and care for the environment.

‘Invest here’ he said. Strength of a investor in Jaffna could also be that when IDPs were released such man power could be used effectively for development.

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