People are backing me on trust
 not on written agreements– Fonseka

The Oppositions’ Common Presidential Candidate, Sarath Fonseka said yesterday that the support he received from various political parties, including the TNA, was based on trust and not on any written agreements.

Addressing a news conference in Colombo, Fonseka said that all those who were backing him had joined hands on trust and a common conviction, that there had to be an end to the Rajapaksa dictatorship, nepotism, unimaginable levels of corruption, bribery and ego boosting extravagance.


Fonseka said that his ten-point policy plan was aimed at creating a just, disciplined and prosperous society and not to appease any particular community at the expense of the other.

"I am different and people are looking for a change. I am a leader who is not frightened to take tough decisions. As in the past my actions will be in the best interests of the country," he said. "I have a vision for a free Sri Lanka, where a decent and functional democracy prevails. A Sri Lanka with a strong identity based on its ethnic and cultural diversity."

"The right to information was an essential part of any democracy and under my presidency, the media will be free and not haunted by ‘white vans’," he said. "I will also address poverty as a matter of priority, so that every Sri Lankan family is assured of three square meals a day."

Fonseka said that on January 26th, the people would have a choice between having more of the same or support the change he was promising. "I am not a career politician, but a public servant who has served the army for 40 years. It is now or never. Sri Lanka deserves better. Having won the war, we must now win the peace. While a select few have amassed phenomenal wealth, life under the Rajapaksas, has been really hard. The peace that the people expected after the war ended has not materialised. Their hopes have been dashed, the economy has collapsed law and order has broken down. This is your last chance for real change."

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