Recruitment to Public Service
was totally banned during Ranil’s regime

KANDY: Governor Central Province Tikiri Kobbekaduwa, addressing a meeting of the Assistant Librarians Association of Sri Lanka, recalled the period from 2002 to 2004 when recruitment to the public service of Sri Lanka was banned by the government.

He told the meeting that the time was ripe to go down memory lane to that period and reconsider whether the country should return to that dark era once again.

The Governor said the ban was imposed through a Treasury circular and not a single appointment was made during that period. The young educated children had no option but to idle at home. Parents went through mental agony as they found it difficult to find employment for the children. The time has come for the people to decide whether they should go back to that gloomy period or look forward to a promising future under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

President Rajapaksa had paved the way for a contented public service. Avenues of new opportunities have been created. The country had been rescued from the 30-year-old terrorism, Governor Kobbekaduwa said.

The same elements that pushed the country backward by suffocating the local industries and blocking the employment opportunities in the country were once again reappearing in various forms. But the people must be wise enough to take a decision on whether they should be misled by those vicious elements, the he said.

The people should realise that those opportunists and their agents were thrown into dust-bins for their mismanagement.

Not only did those opportunistic elements fail to deliver the goods but also had no courage to liberate the country from terrorism, the governor added.

Kandy Municipal Commissioner, Chandana Tennakoon, President, Sri Lanka Nidahas Vurthiya Samithi Sammelanaya, D. C. Weerasekara, Advisor to the Trade Union P. G. Karunaratne, Kandy Branch President, T. G. Dhanapala and Secretary Ms. Chithra Weerasekara also spoke.

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