President takes  Jaffna by storm, grants relief

President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday said that he would not allow a united country to be disintegrated once again and requested people’s support to achieve his aim of safeguarding the territorial integrity of the motherland.

Addressing security forces members in Jaffna, President Rajapaksa said that the victory achieved against separatism should not be allowed to be betrayed.

President Rajapaksa arrived at Palaly Army Base yesterday and paid a floral tribute to the War Memorial at the Palay Army Headquarters. Thereafter, he visited Naga Viharaya in Jaffna and obtained blessings. He proceeded to the Nallur Kovil in a motorcade.

Thronging crowds were waiting to welcome the president with garlands. Following the visit to the Kovil, he had a meeting with Jaffna Bishop Thomas Savundranayagam, who requested the President to release the Tamil youth being held for questioning. The Bishop said that many people of Jaffna had been displaced and were living all over the North and


requested the president to expedite the process of reuniting those families. Informing the President that Jaffna fishermen had resumed fishing, the Bishop requested the president to find solutions to the problems like lack of equipment. The President promised to provide fishing equipment through the subject minister with immediate effect.

The Bishop pointed out to the president that there was not a single national school in Jaffna and requested the latter to declare the Holy Family Convent in Jaffna a national school. The president requested the Bishop to apply for that through Northern Province Governor, Maj. Gen. G. A. Chandrasiri and promised to upgrade the school upon receiving the Governor’s recommendations.

The Bishop thanked the president for expediting the resettlement process.

Later, the president visited the Jaffna Library and addressed the public at the Duraiappa Stadium.

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