Multifunctional BPA Jaffna Summit a precursor to
national development

The headline although containing finality in achievement was factually one of expected accomplishment. BizPact discussions in Jaffna last week awakened the peninsula to its untapped potential. In retrospect after 30 years intense warfare, vilifying the conflict to a backburner did not quite capture the general mood for investment.

Each panel session concentrated on development and investment.

Wide business cross section and their off shoot interests had exposure to the extent that discussions were lively and interaction pointedly focused.

There were areas of conjecture which underscored reality substantially that quantum needs were not insignificant.

Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, (CCC) Chairman Dr. Anura Ekanayake, included in panel I, chaired by COO Strategic Alliance PR Rezani Aziz, said the end of the war did not necessarily mean that peace was established.

The BizPact Summit was held last week at the famed Jaffna Library, and included speakers from varied disciplines and academic backgrounds.

Also included in the panel were marketing expert domiciled in Australia, Nagesha Wickramasuriya, Managing Director, CEO, lanka Orix Finance Company Ltd, Brindley de Zylva, Recovery Programme Officer, UNDP Office in Jaffna, Rasanayagam Sarvanandhan, Chairman BPA, Suresh de Mel, President Yarlpanam CC, K Poornachandran.

Stemming from such restrictive influences he said there was much to be done for dissemination of information which was poor. Within such restrictions he said information and technology, more importantly communication; was in a fluid state of uncertainty. It was essential there was sufficient information on who should be contacted for details for investment.

At this point in time present business interests would need resuscitation and further expansion. More so that infrastructure needs, have to be addressed immediately.

Panel IV discussions centered on youth involvement incorporating sustainable development for long term expansion.

Secretary-General/CEO CCC, said response to business proposition would need attention. Not in leisurely circumstances but urgency for such development could not be over stressed; if the peninsula was to be within vortex for a unified business community for North/ South interaction.

He said essential aspects were the environment, responsible human resources and response to environment needs rather than continue nonchalance to such necessitities.

Panel IV was chaired by head for Unit/Policy Research Advisor for Business and Peace building, at International Alert, Radhika Hettiaratchi, and also included Volunteer, and Lawyer, Sabrina Esufally national Programme Officer CCC, Sujeewa Ratnakumara, Iroshini Perera, of the BPA, and Irfam Ahamed.

Harin Malwatte further said empowerment of youth which he observed Jaffna had surfeit of such skills could be used to advantage.

The BPA visit to Jaffna also included visit to the Nallur Kovil. This kovil dedicated to the deity Murugan was built around 800 AD.

The day trip also included visits to Kirimalai, and point Pedro.

A well received cultural show was the highlight of the day, that is day three of the visit; said Media and Communication Manager BPA, Kapila.

There were also discussions in Vavuniya with the Mulaitivu CC.

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