Lack of interest seen amongst Jaffna voters

With the easing of restrictions on travel on the A9, hundreds of Sinhalese are pouring into Jaffna to visit place of historic, cultural and religious interest.

Bus loads of visitors continue to stream in to experience the traditional hospitality of the Jaffna people and the town and its precincts were teeming with people from the south.

While posters of the two main presidential contenders – Mahinda Rajapaksa and Gen. (Retd) Sarath Fonseka, and T. Sivajilingam were visible in the town and its outskirts but to most people the forthcoming poll didn’t generate much interest.

They went about their day-to-day duties as the election at hand didn’t seem to warrant such a great deal of enthusiasm.

Campaigning vigorously, however, was EPDP leader and Minister Douglas Devananda who predicted that the northern people would contribute in a big way towards re-electing President Rajapaksa.

It is the President who can find a durable solution to the political aspirations of the Tamil people, he insisted. "He is leader who can resolve their burning problems".

Some Jaffna people commented that it’s meaningless for Tamils to vote for either of the main contenders as both Sinhala leaders are merely engaged in election rhetoric.

Devananda said the easing of travel and fishing restrictions have helped the people immensely and the move to allow people to occupy their properties which were within the High Security Zone is also welcome.

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