Tuesday, January  19,  2010
      Editorial:Battling political violence
National Freedom Front media spokesman and parliamentarian Mohamed Muzamil yesterday lodged a complaint with the Criminal Investigations Department against Parliamentarians Ravi Karunanayake and Myown Mustapha, former UNP Chairman Malik Samarawickrema and ex-Presidential Advisor Nazeer Ahamed accusing them of attempting to bribe him to switch his allegiance to Opposition common Presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka at the forthcoming Presidential election.

"Muzammil should hand over alleged bribe to Bribery Commission – Ravi K
The UNP,yesterday challenged government parliamentarian M. Muzzamil,to hand over the money,he alleged was offered to him as a bribe to support the Oppositions Common Presidential...

National Freedom Front Parliamentarian M. Muzamil leaves the CID accompanied by his lawyer after lodging a complaint on a bribe allegedly offered to him by the UNP to switch his allegiance to the Fonseka camp. (Photo-Kamal Bogoda)

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