Polls violence takes third life

The third election related killing was reported yesterday from Wariyapola. A youth named Manjula Herath was reported killed on Sunday night at Ambagaskadawala.

The youth, along with a few others, was pasting posters in support of the main Opposition candidate Sarath Fonseka when a gang of about ten men who arrived at the place argued with him.

Amidst a heated argument, Herath had been dealt a blow with a wooden pole and he had succumbed to his injuries while being rushed to Hospital with head injury, Police said.

Wariyapola Police arrested three suspects in connection with the killing.

Earlier last week a woman who was going for a meeting of Sajith Premadasa MP, was shot dead at Hungama. On Saturday a man who was going for a UPFA rally was shot dead at Madurankuliya in Puttalam district.

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