Devananda denies he signed pact with Govt

EPDP General Secretary Douglas Devananda yesterday dismissed Opposition charges that he had signed a secret pact with the Government.

"We have not signed any agreement. We have placed ten demands before the Government for the welfare of the Tamils. And it is our responsibility to see that these demands are met to ensure Tamils’ welfare", Social Services and Social Welfare Minister Devananda said.

Some of the demands including the removal of security check points along the A-9 highway and the dismantling of High Security Zones in the North had already been granted while other demands included a permanent solution to the national issue, resettlement of all IDPs and agricultural development in the North, Devananda said.

He alleged that Sarath Fonseka had not made any statement in favour of the Tamil community and the latter was aware that it would not get a political solution to the national issue from Fonseka" the EPDP leader said.

While reiterating that Rajapaksa administration would solve the national issue, Devananda asserted that soon after the Presidential election, Northern provincial council elections would be conducted.

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