Following public pledge to support Gen. (Retd) Sarath Fonseka
Four-member gang threatens to kidnap Ceylinco Depositors’ Association President

The President of the Joint Association of Ceylinco Depositors, Ms. Anusha Emmert has complained to the police that she was threatened and intimidated by four persons who visited her Panadura residence on Friday evening.

"They threatened to kidnap me and my husband if we didn’t keep silent", she said. "We were terrified".

"Dennawama ussanawa", they warned in Sinhala, Ms. Emmert, badly shaken by the experience, recalled yesterday.

She suspects that she was threatened and intimidated following the public pledge by the Joint Association of Ceylinco Depositors to extend their support to common candidate, Gen. (Retd) Sarath Fonseka.

With 38,000 depositors, including those of Golden Key, the Association claims that it has a vote base of 700,000 inclusive of those of their family members and relatives.

Ms. Emmert said that when the four men called for her around 6.45 pm under the pretext of finding an address, she felt suspicious and ran inside. "There were hitting the locked gate so hard and I feared that they were about to jump over it".

"Why my husband went out to investigate, the four-member gang had warned him that I should keep my mouth shut or else both of us would be kidnapped", she recounted.

"When I raised the alarm, they drove away in the three-wheeler they had come in", she said.

SSP I. M. Karunaratne said that investigations are continuing to identify and arrest those involved in the incident.

Ms. Emmert said that all she needs to keep her mouth shut is the return of depositors’ hard-earned money invested in these Ceylinco companies.

"Threats would not prevent my Association from supporting Gen. (Retd) Fonseka who was so considerate and understanding that he had included the granting of relief to Ceylinco depositors in his manifesto", she explained.

She said that depositors also had a meeting earlier with President Mahinda Rajapaksa, where the Central Bank Governor and other top officials were present, but except promises, nothing materialized.

"We are not asking for hand-outs from the government. Sell the assets of Ceylinco Group and settle suffering depositors who had lost both their capital and interest", Ms. Emmert said. "Depositors continue to suffer for more than a year without any relief", she pointed out.

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