Sales profession vital for growth

Sales personnel should be treated as top professionals for the rapid growth of any industry, says Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM).

Sales are a vital part for any organization and the backbone of a company, Ceylon Biscuits Limited Group Director Nandana Wickramage pointed out.

Although the effort is carried by them they do not get the appreciation they deserve. This has caused a decrease in the number of people interested in sales-related careers, and the vision of a proper salesman has faded away.

According to the panel of judges of NASCO, employees who step into the sales field do not have relevant qualifications. This factor could harm the reputation of the profession, it pointed out.

It is time to develop the profession so that skilled youngsters would step into it with confidence.

Currently, sales representatives are awarded in a scale of company nomination, and it does not look in to the professional qualifications of an individual who could step in to the next level.

This method should change as sales representatives are not getting a chance to step forward in a company to build up their careers.

A proper method should be implemented to identify potential sales representatives who can climb up the ladder to develop their careers.

SLIM has taken a step forward to provide the opportunity to potential sales representatives in different industries, to have a high effect on the industries to look into the sales representatives for a high post will at least take six years, Wickramage said.

This will help the company to understand the capability of the sales representative to head a group, understanding whether to promote the individual to the next post in the chain.

Theoretical qualifications now play a major role in gaining top positions in companies, leaving behind the well-served sales representative with no much career prospects.

The theory is needed for the management of a post yet the field experience of a hard-working sales representative contains a high knowledge of the segments which should be focused on.

The sales group is the main archive of the company yet the top professionals get awarded to the effort which was carried out by the sales force.

This is not fair for the sales force. Although they cannot represent the company at a large award ceremony, they should at least given a chance to be promoted for the effort done by them.

A company might say we are paying the sales force high incentives for their work - which is an appreciation.

Yet, sales representatives don’t want to be at the same post till they are retired. As a normal individual, they would like to step in to another higher post in life.

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