One-stop shop for builders

‘Builders Super city’, a futuristic concept but a present day reality offering under one roof from all the requirements of a small house builder to requirements of a real estate developer, was opened recently.

The sprawling condominium complex caters to both the retail and wholesale segments.

All products at the sales outlets come with a quality guarantee complemented with the availability of transport free of charge or at a nominal rate, said M. P. L. Ariyaratne, a government servant turned entrepreneur and the father of the concept.

When the Island Financial Review inquiredabout the price of Tor Steel made by the Steel Corporation which commands a massive demand in the construction industry over Korean imports, he said that the a ton costs about Rs. 105, 250 an inflated price resulting from the burden of 12 percent VAT, 1 percent BTT, and the Economic Service Charge.

He described the tax regime as imposing punitive taxes which the nation is unable to bear.

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