Growth in demand leads to new factory

Ree Bonn Cosmetics opened its manufacturing plant at Ja-Ela recently.

According to the Ree Bonn group, the new manufacturing plant was opened to meet a growing demand locally and internationally for its products.

The company, established in 2005, had a market share of 10 percent up to last November, Ree Bonn Cosmetics managing director S. Sivarajah said.

The company could not cope with the high demand of the market with the less numbers of productions due to not having its own manufacturing plant, he said.

With the establishment of its own manufacturing plant, it will take at least six months to fullfil the demand of the local market

The new factory has provided jobs to 50 people and also has reduced the prices of its products to expand its market share and develop its local and international markets.

According to Sivarajah, the price reduction of the product will not affect the quality and standards of Ree Bonn.

He also said Ree Bonn will be launching new products to the market within a short period of time.

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