Tuesday, January  26,  2010
      Editorial:Today's election
Nearly 250,000 government servants will be on duty for today’s 6th Presidential Election to be conducted for the first time islandwide, including the Northern and Eastern Provinces, after the conclusion of war on terrorism ended in May last year.
Ballot boxes and ballot papers for today’s Presidential election were distributed yesterday under strict security to all polling stations countrywide. A consignment is carried to a bus from the Isipatana Vidyalaya Ddistribution Centre to be transported to a polling booth in Colombo. (Photo-Nimal Dayaratne)


Polls chief cancels DIG Lewke’s transfer
Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayaka has ordered the cancellation of the transfer of Northern Province senior DIG Nimal Lewke.He has ruled that the transfer is a violation of election laws.


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