Probe into contaminated injection phials
Drugs pilfered from discarded stocks by political TU
– Health Ministry

The Health Ministry Investigation Unit which probed contaminated injection phials and drugs found in Ratnapura, Kandy, Badulla, Elpitiya and Kurunegala hospitals has revealed that two trade unions attached to a political party had pilfered them from previous discarded stocks and produced them to mislead the public.

Disciplinary action would be taken against the culprits and legal action instituted with help of the Public Administration Ministry, the Health Ministry said.

Aspokesman for the Health Ministry said that members attached two trade unions in Ratnapura Hospital had stealthily secured five injection phials past shelf life discarded in 2008 and produced them for the camera claiming that drugs in use were date expired and contaminated so as to gain some political mileage, the spokesman said.

He said that the Health Ministry Investigation Unit had also found that the two trade unions had hatched a plot to cripple the health services by creating a chronic drug shortage.

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