Stanley V. Weerasinghe

A gentle voice, a heart of gold

No nobler person the world could hold

Devoted, dutiful with goodness un-told

Keep him O Lord in thy fold

Your memory dearest friend will never grow old

For its locked in my heart, in letters of GOLD

My dearest much loved friend has been called to the realms of his creator after righteous living on earth. Stanley was the former D.G.M. of the Bank of Ceylon. I have known this charming wonderful person for over forty years. It was just a couple of months ago that I visited him in his beautiful home in Dehiwela where he was seated on a chair - very silent as it was fate that his memory was failing, but strangely enough. When I asked him if he knew me, he looked at me, smiled and said "Of course I know you"and then he asked me about my children and grand-children and he even remembered their names. I told him I now have a great grand child too - he said - well you have beaten me.

I spent some time with him then suddenly he started crying and this really broke my heart. When I asked him why are you crying - he sobbed and said I am so happy that you have come to see me. I too felt so very very sad. So that’s that.

In fact I was planning to visit him early next month, but its all over. He’s gone - gone forever, and I will never see him again.

He was married to my friend Phyllis nee de Pinto. She predeceased him 17 years ago and from that time his daughter Mihiri together with her husband and two sons looked after him. He has a son Chanaka and three grandchildren.

Stanley was a calm quiet man with kindness overflowing and his doors were open to help those who wanted his help. He was soft spoken, enjoyed music and entertainment. He was a man of great understanding and brilliance. He was humane in every sense and his heart overflowed with kindness and sympathy, was very cultured with high tastes and values. He held his head high. So I salute and say adieu to my dearest, loving friend Stanley. Good-bye sweet prince.

Sleep on.Yvonne F. Keerthisingha

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