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"My expertise and my passion equal each other in their intensity. I passionately want to help girls who suffer from hairfall - I have the knowledge, but until now I haven’t had access to millions of women across the world who struggle daily with hair loss. Cocreating with Sunsilk opens up opportunities for women everywhere to have strong, healthy hair"

Dr. Francesca Fusco, Co-Creator of Sunsilk’s Hair Fall Solution

"Sunsilk and I have been working closely together to create an effective, yet nonclinical product to cleanse and nurture the scalp, nourishing and strengthening each fibre. Healthy hair needs a healthy scalp; most girls don’t realize how delicate scalp is - it’s really an extension of the skin on your face. Starting at the roots will mean hair with boosted strength and density that oozes health and radiance.

Dr. Francesca Fusco, on her product range, Hair Fall Solution


Dr. Francesca Fusco is a physician from New York and is a world-leading expert in dermatology and scalp care. She examines single strands of hair to diagnose hairfall and scalp problems. For her, a woman’s hair is her ‘crowning glory, and is dedicated to giving every girl the best head start possible to getting glorious hair through care for the scalp. She has co-created Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution.

"As a dermatologist and physician, I have a rigorous methodology to treating scalp problems. When a client complains of hairfall, I find out what her hair habits are - what’s the context?" says Dr. Francesca Fusco. A New York-based specialist in hairfall and scalp problems, Francesca is one of seven global hair experts chosen by Sunsilk to co-develop new products for specific hair types.

Sunsilk’s high-performance Hair Fall Solution range co-created with Francesca delivers essential nutrients to cleanse the scalp, for hair with boosted strength and density that adds radiance.

At Dr. Fusco’s Manhattan practice, to which clients travel hundreds of miles for a consultation, Francesca is renowned for her perfectionism: I examine hairs one at a time, strand-by-strand to ensure accurate diagnosis."

Dr. Fusco transforms the lives of the women she treats at her office. By cocreating with Sunsilk, her expertise and insight reaches the millions of girls and women around the world who suffer from hair fall.

Q: How do I recognize if I have a hair fall problem?

A: "well, it is normal to have 50 to one hundred hairs failing in one, day - most people don’t know that. But if you are losing more hairs it could be described as a problem"

Q: How do I recognize the difference between losing a good hair and losing a bad one?

A: "I tell my patients to pull a piece of hair out and hold it out, if there is a little bulb at the end of the hair it is in the falling out phase, so it"s probably good that it’s falling out."

Q: I am losing a lot of hair since of late. Is it because of wrong habits I’ve been following these days?

A: "That is a common misconception among a lot of people. The current state of your hair may be affected by your hair habits and life habits that were prevalent four to six months ago. So what’s happening to your hair now is not a snapshot but rather the result of your habits since 4 - 6 months ago."

Q: I lead a very hectic and stressful life. Do you think it affects the condition of my hair?

A: "Stress is one of the most common causes for unhealthy scalp often resulting in hair loss, try and pinpoint areas in your life that are causing you anxiety and work on improving them"

Q: Do I have to rub in the shampoo to get good results?

A: "No, rubbing your head vigorously will damage your scalp. Try to massage rather than scratch your scalp when you are applying Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution shampoo"

Q: I have heard that a good intake of water helps maintain good hair. How much water should I drink a day?

A: "Your diet plays an important part in keeping your hair in good condition. Drinking two litres of water daily will help."

Q: How soon will I see results by using your Co-creation?

A: "Well I must tell you that you will not see results with just one use, but you will see results within 3 - 6 weeks of use."

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