Golden Key protest in Colombo

The Golden Key Depositors’ Society will stage a protest in Colombo at 10 am on March 3.

"We are badly disappointed as the Central Bank has so far not sold any of the assets of Ceylinco Chairman Lalith Kotelawala or those of the other directors", says Ms. Anusha Emmert, President of the Society.

While Golden Key depositors continue to suffer without their capital and interest for more than a year, there is dragging of feet to dispose of the assets and repay investors, she asserted.

The maximum amount that a section of depositors have received so far is 75% or 100,000 rupees, whichever is higher, of their deposits, Ms. Emmert said.

They have not been able to clear any deposits – even those up to one million rupees - in full so far, she said. "Even 14 months after, nothing substantial has been done to ease the suffering of poor depositors".The Society will hold its General Meeting on February 21 at 10 am at S. de S. Jayasinghe Hall, Dehiwala.

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