4,326 cases of dengue reported by end January 2010
555 cases in Colombo

There were dengue 4,326 cases of dengue reported in the country by the end of January 2010 since the epidemic broke out at the end of last year, Health Ministry sources said.

"The highest number of patients numbering 782 were reported from the Jaffna District", they said.

The other areas where significantly high numbers were treated were Gampaha (562), Colombo (555), Vavuniya (336), Baticaloa (290), Anuradhapura (251), Trincomalee (211) and Kandy (200).

While the number of dengue cases reported in Colombo district had exceeded 500, the city limits alone had 340 cases, the sources said.

The badly affected areas in the city were Colombo North and Colombo Central areas.

Most people expect the health ministry and the Colombo Municipal Council to tackle the mosquito menace, but the public also have a responsibility towards controlling mosquito breeding grounds, the sources pointed out.

The Health Ministry with local government authorities have continuously urged the public to clean up their premises and environment of mosquito breeding places.

Abandoned tires also posed a potent threat as breeding grounds for mosquitoes but it is a common sight to see discarded tires by the road-side particularly where tire shops are situated, residents complained.

The tire shops on either side of a section of Prince of Wales Avenue near the Sugathadasa Stadium are a tragic example, they said. The health hazard posed by tires placed outside the shops seem to go unnoticed by local government authorities, they said.

The Health Ministry has continuously impressed upon the public that tires are conducive for mosquito breeding. However, Health officials and the local politicians seem to be oblivious the threat posed by these tires discarded outside the shops, they complained.

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