JCPSM wants better facilities for staff serving in North and East

The Joint Council of Professions Supplementary to Medicine (JCPSM) urges the Health Ministry to provide its members in the North and East with required facilities to carry out their duties.

JCPSM President Ravi Kumudesh said the Union would be forced to recall all PSM and Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) who had gone from the South unless the government complied with the union request.

He said the JCPSM had received reports of harassment of a radiologist at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital at the hands of an Oncologist. There were other reports from the two provinces where the two categories of paramedics had to sleep on mats in hospitals and buy drinking water.

There were government quarters but they remained closed for no apparent reason. The health workers who were deployed to serve the internally displaced and others found themselves in a similar predicament, the JCPSM said.

The situation had taken a turn for the worse with the IDP health care being handed over to the Northern Provincial Council, Kumudesh said. "For the last six months we have deployed 150 PSMs and 53 MLTs. At present there are 25 PSMs (including 12 MLTs) serving the North," he said.

He urged the Deputy Director of Health Services to take urgent action to get approval and support from health officials of the North and East to ease the burden of PSM personnel serving in those parts of the country.

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