Kotelawela retires from Blue Diamonds

Mr. Lalith Kotelawala has retired from Blue Diamonds Jewellery Worldwide PLC, a company founded by him where he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors since its inception, according to a Stock Exchange filing.

CSE has also been informed that Mr. U.N. Jinasena has retired from the board of the HDFC Bank with effect from December 27.

Three new directors have been appointed to the board of Vallibel Power Erathna PLC with effect from January 25 – Mr. Daryl Stephen Clark, Mr. Sunil Eksath de Silva and Mr. Haresh Somasantha while Mr. N.I.R. de Mel has been appointed a director of CDIC from February 3 and Mr. Trevine Jayasekara a director of the NDB from February 10.

Mr. S.M.M. Yaseen, Chairman of the HDFC Bank has resigned from that position but will remain on the board as a director while Mr. Ajith Wickramaratne has resigned from the board of CDIC with effect from February 2.

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