Hitech low price ‘no touch’ storage solutions from eSys Technologies

eSys Technologies, a subsidiary of EZY Holdings claiming market leadership in computer hardware distribution in the country, has introduced Universal Tech’s latest NoTouch™ Elite 2800 External Storage and MyXerver™ MX3600 Network Storage devices here with storage capacities of up to 2000 GB.

``With over 100 product offerings to over 1,000 computer dealers across Sri Lanka, the new tie up is a reiteration of the commitment of eSys to continuously introduce products of value to their customers, ‘’ the company said in a news release.

Universal Tech is one of Asia’s leading brands for external storage devices and offers the most affordable storage solutions with continuous data protection for both homes as well as business users, it said.

Speaking at the launch, CEO EZY Holdings, Shafraz Hamzadeen said "these storage devices will utilize the WD Caviar Green and Samsung’s EcoGreen F2EG hard drives which deliver reduced power consumption and are geared towards being more environmentally friendly.

``WD’s Caviar Green hard drive comes with the GreenPower™ technology, which yields power savings of 4-5 watts over standard desktop drives, while maintaining solid performance. Similarly Samsung’s EcoGreen F2EG product line is designed to offer less power consumption, low-acoustic noise and eco-friendly components.

``EcoGreen products comply with the international environment standards such as RoHS, TBBP-A, and are Halogen Free. Both these hard drives are highly energy efficient and contribute towards minimizing our carbon footprint".

Hamzadeen went on to say that these were the ideal solution to back up data, photographs, as well as other important documents. It is easy to carry around as it fits into your pocket and could be used in multiple locations with ease.

Universal Tech’s Vice President, Ashish Kapahi, said that the "NoTouch™ Elite 2800 is a USB 2.0 external storage device with 3.5-inch format hard drive. It is available in the capacities of 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB. MyXerver™ MX3600 is a Gigabit Ethernet network storage device with 3.5-inch format hard drive.

It features a wide array of features including a file server, FTP server, Bit Torrent Download, UPnP Media Server, iTunes Server, USB Printer Server, USB Direct Copy and MP3 Broadcast. It is available in the capacities of 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB".

Hamzadeen went on to say that Esys continuously strives to provide their business partners with products that would add value to their customers. "The No Touch series delivers two very important values to our customers. With the rapid development of technology, data protection has become more important than ever and external storage devices are fast becoming a necessity for every technology user".

The No Touch Elite is equipped with a continuous data protection software and a user friendly interface to assist users to back up data and photographs without a touch. "The two main advantages are that you just plug it to your computer and it plays on itown, while the other most important value offering is the fact that it is extremely affordable; the No Touch comes at a mere Rs 7,000, making it affordable to virtually everyone!".

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