New richer taste of Paradise

A colourful and glittering ceremony was held at Waters Edge to launch the new Sri Lankan uniforms. The show was held under the patronage of the first Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa. The evening’s theme was "change in the way you fly and the way you experience travel".

The iconic logo the monara or the peacock was preserved in the uniforms while sporting a brand new look and a warmer smile.

This is an exciting new journey that would give their passengers a richer taste of Paradise. The highlight of the evening was the scintillating dance performances by the SLA in flight team, trained and choreographed by Channa Wijewardena to the melodious lyrics of "Sri Lanka You Are My Shangrila" by Bathiya and Santush, the costumes were designed by designer Lou Ching Wong.

Young men and women from the in-flight crew paraded the catwalk dazzling in their new uniforms to the haunting melody of "Blue Water Shining Eyes" Sri Lanka Paradise rekindling the nostalgia of a bygone era. Choreographed by Brian Kirkovan.

As pointed out by CEO Sri Lankan Airlines the Kandyan saree retains its oriental charm while portraying a distinctive modern appeal and contemporary look. The new colour palette plays with the soft hues of sea blue splashed with delicate multi-hued colours of the peacock feather with its shimmering iridescent brush of electric orange mottled with dark light blue and white.

While the women and men who take care of every little detail of a passengers’ comfort on ground and in flight, will offer a vastly improved level of service, in their new uniforms, the airline’s onboard kitchen has turned an entirely new chapter in their in flight meal service and will offer its passengers a tempting array of mouth watering signature dishes and cocktails never served on board before. And passengers have the added choice of ordering from a new A la carte menu and having their meals literally cooked on board!

While the new menus, guaranteed to tempt the most discerning passengers’ taste buds, a whole new experience in, in flight entertainment also awaits movie buffs.

SriLankan Airlines will continue this journey of new discovery with more comfortable seats on board with more leg space and flat bed seats in the business class. Trimmings and trappings on board, like the seat covers will also change to give a completely new look and feel to the experience of traveling with SriLankan Airlines, which aims to be one of the best in Asia.

Passengers who fly SriLankan Airlines may wonder if they are really airborne or at a gourmet restaurant in one of the world’s top gastronomic capitals. The airline’s flight kitchen led by a team of chefs from the Hot and Cold Kitchens; Bakery; and Confectionery headed by Production Manager Sudhish Kumar Pande and Executive Chef Anthony Gibson has designed menus to pamper the palate and titillate the taste buds beyond imagination.

The new menus reflect a truly global feel and flavor. Complementing the wide international array on offer, Sri Lankan dishes have been re-defined and re-invented to encompass a sensational range of aromas and tastes to seduce our thousands of passengers.

The "Preserved Ginger and Cardamom Smoothie", followed by the perennial Sri Lankan favourite – "Suduru Samba braised in Aromatic Mutton and Spice Stock accompanied with Aubergine and Plantain Pahi, dark roasted Chicken Curry and spicy Seeni Sambal’ are some the team of chefs’ specialties.

The humble ‘Pol Roti’ has been redefined and given a new lease of life at 36,000 kms above sea level. It comes in a modern garb..… wrap-filled with seeni sambal or devilled chicken (much like an European sausage roll). It is also served Italian style and topped with devilled vegetables, or Curry Pincha Masala Roll.

The desserts are absolutely sinful and yet blissfully divine. Exotic homemade chocolates are centered with kithul treacle, chilli, wood apple and pink Gorka. There’s even "Jackfruit Cheese Cake" and "Beetroot and Orange Mousse wrapped in Chocolate"

Complementing the gastronomic excellence of the newly enhanced in-flight menu, Sri Lankan Airlines enriches the experience with the introduction of a delightful range of wines and designer cocktails for passengers both in Business and Economy Class.

Changing the way you fly and in keeping with the Sri Lankan identity, the airline also proudly presents the best of local cinematic creations to diverse audiences around the world. Prasanna Vithanage's internationally award winning movie 'Akasa Kusum' (Flowers of the Sky) is currently being screened on board and has already attracted favourable comments from an international clientele.

In keeping with the SriLankan Airline tradition of warmth and hospitality yet portraying a vibrant airline with a modern identity indeed "they are changing the way they fly."

Kumar de Silva compered the evening event.

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