Presidents Need Degrees Too

John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, once suggested that we "remember that our nation’s first great leaders were also our first great scholars."

Case in point: Five of our first six U.S. presidents received a college degree, and the sixth, George Washington, received a surveyor’s certificate from The College of William and Mary.

In honor of President’s Day and the 43 men who have held the job, let’s take a look at some certificate and degrees available today, and the presidents who earned them.


Lyndon B. Johnson earned his teaching certificate from Southwest Texas State Teachers College in 1930 (now Texas State University-San Marcos) and worked as a teacher before and after graduation.

Woodrow Wilson served as president of Princeton University and worked as a teacher prior to becoming President of the United States. John Adams taught before he went into politics, as did Andrew Jackson and Grover Cleveland (who landed an assistant teacher position through the help of his brother William).

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