Award from Danish Queen for Harry

Many a distinguished personality and friends gathered at the Grand Ballroom of the Colombo Hilton to see Consul General for Denmark Don Harold Stassen Jayawardene receive the prestigious medal of the Knight Cross of Dannebrog which is the highest award from Denmark presented by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark His Excellency Mr. Ole Longsmann Poulsen. It was a gala reception with many Diplomats, Ministers and Heads of the Cooperate World gracing the occasion.

To welcome the invitees were the Ambassador and Mr. Jayawardene with his wife Priya and their two daughters.

The sparkle to the evening came from the women present who brought a kaleidoscope of colour and styles. Sarees of course was the choice of many of them including Priya who wore a brocade like silk, the black ground florally patterned in pink, gold and olive and bordered in a weave of gold. A beautiful shade of deep aquamarine made the saree Rukmani Amerasinghe wore which had patches of tie and dye, with the body of the fabric dotted in gold, for her to wear with a collar necklace of coloured stones set on a mesh of gold. Gold stripes ran lengthwise on the red and charcoal saree Pearl Wettasinghe wore also with a striking necklace in red and black stones. Ochre and black combined in the saree Shanika Alwis wore, the ochre patterned in dots and the black in a fret work design in white. Her blouse was in the contrast of black and the jewellery in gold. A bottle green chiffon delicately embroidered in a border in thread Upeka Pieris draped in the Gujarati style, and wore with a necklace of rubies and diamonds. A black Mysore georgette with a double border in red and gold was the choice of Surekha Gardiner to wear with a sleeveless square necked blouse.

Both daughters of Harry and Priya wore western styles with Stasshani in black and Shanika in turquoise, trimmed with white guipure lace.

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