Slovak Beauties at Lakeside

Twelve finalists for the title of Miss. Slovakia were in Sri Lanka on a photo shoot and for some mini pageants for picking winners at the Cinnamon Lakeside. With the entrepreneurs flair the Manager Neroy Marso with much support from Yasmin Cader, Commerne Rodrigo and Anjali Karunaratne held a show by the pool-side with the dozen girls taking to the catwalk in clothes from some of the Sri Lankan designers, among whom were Yolande Aluwihare, Lou Ching Wong, Padma Maharaja with her Vati Label, and Embark the brain child from Otara of Odel.

The show opened with the drummers and dancers from the Ravi Bandhu Vidyapathi team who looked spectacular reflected in the waters of the swimming pool, to be followed by the Wong range from My Fair Lady. Making a definite statement on the several of the fair skinned flaxen haired beauties were the Yolande creations. Today we carry pics of the many varied styles the models showcased.

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