Mixing Martinis at Little Hut
It was one of the best evenings we have had in a long while when Anura Dewapura, the GM of the Mt. Lavinia Hotel invited an exclusive gathering to partake of the mixing of cocktails under the guidance of mixologist Ekanayake with Mahika Chandrasena the head of PR, and Jimmie Deen as compere. Those who wished to take part in the fun filled exercise were provided with all the essential ingredients for making a cocktail of distinction. As it is chocolate promotion month in lieu of Valentines Day and the month of romance the first attempt those taking part was asked to decorate the inside of the martini glass with a chocolate coating on which the participant had to make a creative design. The best attempt came from Prasad Abubakar who we feature with his enterprising and artistic creation. Mixologist is the new term for a bar tender.
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