SLI partners with premier auto agents for collision repairs on par with global safety standards

Sri Lanka Insurance (SLI), the country’s oldest and biggest player in the competitive insurance market, last week partnered with premier automobile agents to provide its motor policyholders collision repairs in line with the original manufacturers’ specification and international safety standards.

"We have added a new dimension to motor insurance and taken it to another level through this initiative – another ‘first’ in Sri Lanka", Dr. Nalaka Godahewa, SLI’s Managing Director, stressed.

"Under this tie-up, our customers will receive priority service at the repair centers operated by eleven premier vehicle agents", he assured. "This means that the respective agent will handle the job maintaining the original quality in repairs".

"Our primary objective is to push service standards to an international level", Dr. Godahewa told the official ceremony to mark the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the automobile agents under this partnership, at the Ceylon Continental Hotel in Colombo

"Innovative value additions of this caliber help us in a big way to set a new Sri Lankan standard, regional standard and world standard", he underscored.

In the event of a collision, SLI will take care of the repairs and the bills, the MD pointed out. "It is so hassle-free that our Formula Plus customers will have to just collect the vehicle after it’s all done".

Repairs will be done expeditiously with replacement of new spare-parts free of charge, he noted. "Assistance will also be provided in towing the vehicle after a collision with follow-up action by a specially allocated officer".

SLI customers are offered unique benefits such as reporting accidents at any time, anywhere in Sri Lanka, accurate assessment of damage and settlement of claims within 24 hours, he said. "There is also a free roadside assistance service island-wide".

Dr. Godahewa said that claim payments would be made directly to the garage or to the insured according to the preference and there will also be discounts and free offers for other products and services available at these auto agents.

"We want to make a difference", he continued. "That’s why we have come out with a unique ‘first’ – something which no other player has ever done in this sphere".

He said that SLI, which was incorporated in 1961, was privatized in 2002 but reverted to state control on June 4, 2009 following the Supreme Court judgement. It is now a fully government owned entity again.

"SLI has the strong backing as a government institution which can be relied upon. This is a plus point. During the time the company changed hands, it was exposed to private sector management practices. So, SLI has had the best of both worlds", Dr. Godahewa explained.

The partnership with these premier vehicle agents to serve Formula Plus policyholders in a more meaningful manner was the brainchild of Mrs. Renuka Ekanayake, Head of SLI’s Motor Division.

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