UNP looks for anti-defection mechanism, affidavits not foolproof

Battered by defections in the last Parliament, the UNP has been looking at mechanisms of preventing MPs elected under its ticket from crossing to the other side including getting them to sign affidavits of loyalty to their party.

However, with no foolproof mechanism found, candidates will be required to take a pledge not to quit the party if elected and to subscribe to principles of good governance, senior UNP sources said.

``Affidavits may not have any legal value,’’ he admitted.

With UNF nominations due to be finalized today (Sunday) some of the candidates are due to sign their papers at an auspicious time but a formal signing ceremony for which no date has yet been fixed is due to follow.

Senior UNPers indicated that various influential persons are still continuing efforts to keep the broad front that backed General Sarath Fonseka’s presidential bid intact.

``The door is still open and we will be happy to come to terms if it is possible,’’ a leading member of the party said pointing out that inflexibility on the party of the JVP will lead to its isolation.

``They will hurt themselves,’’ he remarked.

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