Kuruppu out, Tennekoon in

Sri Lanka Cricket yesterday announced the appointment of Anura Tennekoon as Manager of the Sri Lanka National team with effect from Feb. 19.

Tennekoon, former All-Ceylon and Sri Lanka batsman and captain during 1960s and ’70s with high regard, was the CEO of the local cricket board from 2000-03. He was also the Manager of the Sri Lanka ‘A’ team and was travelling round the country in search of new talent in his capacity as a National selector when he was offered the new post, the SLC added in a communiqué on Sat. (20).

SLC has offered the outgoing National team Manager Brendon Kuruppu a position in the National cricket selection committee which is vacated by Tennekoon. SLC added they waited Mr. Kuruppu’s confirmation of his new job.

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