TNA MPs are traitors to their people – Sri Kantha

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) are traitors of their own Tamil people. They are puppets of the Sonia Gandhi led Congress Party Government in India. The Tamil people in the North and East must join hands to throw the TNA into the dustbin of history.

These were some of the views expressed by former TNA Parliamentarian, N. Sri Kantha, the Leader of the newly formed Tamil National Liberation Alliance (TNLA), at a media briefing held yesterday at Hotel Nippon to announce the MOU with Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne’s Left Liberation Front (LLF) to contest the forthcoming Parliamentary Elections on April 8 in five districts of the North and East, and assist the LLF in the other 17 districts.

Sri Kantha said that the TNLA will contest in the Districts of Jaffna, Wanni, Trincomalee, Amparai and Digamadulla. He said: We have signed a MoU with the LLF that if their (TNLA) nominees win seats at the parliamentary Elections, they will be TNLA MPs. The Tamil people have lost confidence in the TNA and they need better leadership.

"The TNA should be held responsible for this break-up. Senathiraja, has taken charge of the TNA and are puppets of the de facto leader of the Indian Government, Sonia Gandhi. We have had and continue to have discussions with other members of the TNA and they may join us in our struggle against the dictatorial rule of the TNA trio" said N. Sri Kantha, leader of the TNLA.

He said that members of the TNA who expressed their own views have been sidelined or dropped from being nominated for the April 8 elections much to the disappointment of the Tamils in the North and East, and even the Tamil diaspora overseas. He said: We were prepared to reject offers of nomination by the TNA, of which we have lost total confidence. Even 50 per cent of TELO members in the TNA are "our" of this treacherous Alliance.

Sivajilingam, who contested the January 26 Presidential Election as an independent candidate, is the Secretary General of the newly formed TNLA. He too expressed the same views as that of his new leader, N. Sri Kantha, said that they will win the rights of the Tamil people in the North and East and work for self determination.

Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne, Leader of the Left Liberation Front (LLF)< was also present.

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