Lanka IOC launches ‘Go Green’ tree planting project
Enlists support of 1500 school children for new community initiative

About 1500 shade trees are to be planted over the next three months and an equal number of school children enlisted for their care, in a holistic new community initiative launched in Sri Lanka by Lanka IOC PLC, the Indo Lanka petroleum and lubricants giant.

Conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources and the Department of Forests, the programme will involve selected schools and children from low income families, who will be paid a stipend in return for watering and nurturing the saplings till they are fully grown.

Lanka IOC will fund the project and distribute the saplings provided by the Forests Department on a ratio of ten trees for every one of the company’s 150 petrol and diesel retail outlets in Sri Lanka.

The project was formally inaugurated at Hemamali Balika Vidyalaya, Colombo 10, with the participation of Environment & Natural Resources Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka and Lanka IOC Managing Director K R Suresh Kumar.

"This is the first phase of what we hope will grow into a larger sustainable project that reflects Lanka IOC’s commitment to the environment, and helps inculcate an interest in tree planting among the younger generation," Mr. Suresh Kumar said.

"We are conscious that petroleum products contribute to pollution," he said. "While there may be little we as retailers can do about that, we can contribute with projects that have some impact in mitigating the problem."

For every tree planted, Lanka IOC will open a bank account in the name of a deserving child selected by the respective school and deposit Rs 100/- per month into each account.  Each child benefitted will be responsible for a tree.

The trees are selected by the Forest Department on the basis of the soil and climate of the different areas where the trees will be planted. A tree guard made from a half barrel will be provided by Lanka IOC to protect the plant until the tree is big enough to withstand normal damage.

Officers in charge of Lanka IOC retail outlets will be given the responsibility of monitoring activities relating to this project to ensure that the trees are growing well and that the children caring for the trees are also making progress in their education.

Twice ranked Sri Lanka’s top corporate entity in the LMD 50 rankings, Lanka IOC PLC is an overseas venture of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., a Fortune 500 company with a ranking of 105 on the magazine’s Global 500 listing (2009). Lanka IOC PLC is a public limited liability company listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. The company imports and distributes standard and branded petrol and diesel, marine fuel, lubricants and bitumen.

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