UNF, DNA will not target each other – Kirialle
We are committed to ending the Rajapaksa dictatorship

The United National Front stressed yesterday,that they shared the same objectives as the Democratic National Alliance, even though they are contesting the forthcoming parliamentary election separately.

The UNP’s Kandy District leader Lakshman Kirialle told The Island,that the UNF which comprises the UNP,SLMC,DPF,SLFP-M and several other smaller parties,were equally focussed as the JVP mooted Democratic National Alliance,led by General Sarath Fonseka,in defeating the dictatorial Mahinda Rajapaksa regime.

"The reasons that united the UNF,General Sarath Fonseka and JVP,during the last Presidential Poll,have not changed one bit.Restoring democracy and good governance is our main objective.We will campaign hard to uphold the rule of law."

The UNF and DNA,will effectively be working together,even though they have filed nominations separately,Kirialle said.

Commenting on the UNF’s candidates for the Kandy District,he said that unlike the UPFA list they have a good mixture."We,have included two females,namely Chithra Manthilaka and Shanthini Kohonghage.Overall,our team is more educated and competent,than what the UPFA government has to offer."

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