Mass vaccination programme for dogs and cats

A house to house campaign to vaccinate dogs and cats was conducted in Bentota, Induruwa, Haburugala and Gonagala areas by the MOH’s office, Induruwa on the instructions of the MOH Dr. Surendra Fernando.

The project is funded by the World Bank. Over 1000 dogs and cats are targeted to be vaccinated per month during the year. In addition, bitches will be given injections to prevent pregnancy.

Vaccinator, E.K.D. Saman Kumara told "The Island" that earlier dogs were vaccinated for rabies at a particular centre in a village. It had proved to be unpractical, as it was difficult to take the ordinary domestic dogs to centers operating at the distant place and at times owners were reluctant to take the trouble to carry them to such centers. The current house to house system has been successful as the owners are cooperting to a great extent.

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