Beliatta Vincent’s Road repairs haphazardly done

Almost all the main roads and byways within the Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabha limits have been completed under the Ministry of National Building and the Road Development Authority of Tangalla, except the Vincent Road running from the Beliatta bus stand up to the Ayurveda Road.

Vincent Road which was recently repaired and rehabilitated, is now full of ruts and bumps. Some parts of its tarred surface has been washed away with remaining stones jutting out. The substandard repair work has been done haphazardly.

Only the center of the road has been asphalted leaving either side of the road to the mercy of the elements. On rainy days both sides are getting eroded, making it difficult to walk for passers by as well as for vehicles plying either way.

All the main roads leading to Tangalla, Dickwella, Hakmana, Walasmulla and Weeraketiya have been macadamized while all the other byways have been concreted.

Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Cyril Moonasinghe told ‘The Island’ that he had noted the sub-standard work on the Vincent Road and the payment would not be made to the contractor until the road was re-repaired and rehabilitated according to the expected standard.

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