David Miliband addresses the Global Tamil Forum

Despite protests by the Sri Lankan government, David Miliband, British Foreign Secretary, had addressed the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) creating sour relations between the two countries.

The Sri Lankan govt has expressed displeasure because the GTF is the current LTTE network in the west and their agenda is to set up a separate state called the ‘Trans-National Govt of Tamil Eelam’. This would be a direct threat to the sovereignity of Sri Lanka. Therefore, David Miliband by addressing the GTF had become a supporting pillar of the LTTE lending credibility to an organisation which propogates separatist policy.

The GTF is an LTTE front organisation and its leaders were the fund raisers for the LTTE which in turn funded various political parties and politicians in western countries.

In his speech, he has said that he strongly supports and advocates non-violence and that peace is not found in weapons and warfare. However, he did not say this when the LTTE was creating mayhem in Sri Lanka and then during the war against the terrorists he was trying to lecture the  President how to run the war. Now he is preaching how the Sri Lankan govt should run its affairs.

He has also said that, "...LTTE , a terrorist organisation, which committed countless atrocities itself, which refused to tolerate dissent, which forcibly recruited  children as soldiers and which again refused to allow Tamil civilians to escape from fighting..." But at the time while Sri Lanka was fighting terrorism,  he turned a blind eye to these atrocities and entertained LTTE supporters and spoke on their behalf.

David Miliband has failed to realise that the end of the terrorist war brought peace not only to Sri Lanka but also to its neighbouring countries and South Asia in general.

Dr. P. A. Samaraweera,

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