Voting at the forthcoming Parliamentary Elections

My decision not to vote for certain categories of candidates at the Parliamentary Elections published in certain newspapers has prompted comments from readers to the effect that no present day politician will be qualified to be elected to Parliament on the basis of my thinking. This is a sad reflection on our politicos but its too harsh an assessment.

Of course, we may not have the likes of Dudley Senanayakes, M.D. Bandas, Wilmot Pereras, U.S. Wanninayakes, Gamini Jayasuriyas, L.C. de Silvas, Edmund Samarakkodys, T. B. Illangaratnas, H. Sri Nissankas, N. Shanmugathasans, P. Kandiahs, D. A. Rajapakses, Robert and Philip Gunawardenas, Leslie Gunawardenas, Colvin R. de Silvas, N. M. Pereras et al any more. However, since we have to vote for the best available, we could select suitable candidates from the political party of our choice -

the new comers, the good ones from the old brigade, the educated and the decent types could be identified and voted in.

Upali S. Jayasekera

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