Re: Can Sri Lanka ever be a Singapore?

Regarding the letter by Mr. David Bandara about Singapore I must agree with him in toto.

Sri Lanka was the country Singapore wanted to emulate in the 1950s. So much so even our very own Maj. Aubrey Wyman who was in charge of the zoological gardens at Dehiwela was taken as a consultant to advice Singapore on setting up their zoo. Such was the standards we had then.

Sadly it has been a downhill trend since then.

Everything that is lacking or bad is conveniently blamed on the 30 years of war. That is an easy opt out of the civic responsibility the citizen have in remedying a lot of these issues. The war had nothing to do with trash being dumped everywhere or with the poor road manners etc.

No matter which party is in power a lot of these matters need to be addressed and righted at the individual level and cannot be fixed via legislation or decree.

It is sad that a country which had to rely on land reclamation and even importing water from neighboring Malaysia has outpaced Sri Lanka.

I still wish and hope that in my lifetime I will see the gap narrowed.

It will take more than mega projects and massive dollar loans to do so as the sense of what is right needs to be instilled first. Sadly all religions have failed in this respect by concentrating their sermons on the hereafter and less on what being a good citizen means. Patriotism is much more than waving or hoisting the national flag.

Dr. S. Abeyesundere

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