Rajiva quits, question mark over Eran

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha, Secretary to the Ministry of Human Rights and Disaster Management, who is on the UPFA National List, has resigned from that position, he confirmed yesterday.

``I have lost two jobs,’’ he said. ``I was Ministry Secretary and was also on leave from my (Sabaragamuwa) University job. I’ve resigned from both,’’ he said.

Business circles were uncertain of whether Mr. Eran Wickremaratne, CEO of the NDB, who is on the UNP National List, will quit his job.

``It’s an open question,’’ one well informed source said. ``The matter will be closely examined and the bank will make an announcement at the appropriate time.’’

``Being on a National List does not necessarily mean you will be nominated,’’ a veteran political observer said. ``Both Mr. Maitripala Senanayake and Dr. W.Dahanayaka found that out to their cost.’’

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