Balbir Sr. and Tendulkar wish Indian team success

NEW DELHI: Two stalwarts will follow the Indian hockey team’s progress at the World Cup with a lot of passion. Balbir Singh Sr., triple gold medallist at the Olympics and chief coach of the 1975 World Cup-winning team, will watch from the stands at the Dhyan Chand National Stadium. And Sachin Tendulkar from his home in Mumbai.

"All our good wishes are with them and the whole nation is behind them to help them achieve laurels for our country. I know they have worked very hard and we have confidence in their abilities," said Tendulkar in a warm message conveyed through The Hindu.

Balbir Sr. is in Delhi at the invitation of the Organising Committee. "I would have come even otherwise," said the veteran. His voice quivers but not his faith in Indian hockey.

"I expect this team to pull off a miracle."

(The Hindu)

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