UNF to focus on grass root level election meetings -Tissa Attanayake
Number of large rallies will be limited

The United National Front will place greater emphasis on holding pocket meetings throughout the country during the upcoming parliamentary election, an alliance spokesman said yesterday.

The General Secretary of the UNP, the main constituent party of the UNF, Tissa Attanayake told ‘The Island’ that they would educate the masses about the true state of the economy and the magnitude of corruption prevalent in the current administration.

"Large rallies will also be held. But our main focus would be on meeting the people at grass roots level. We will also set out the measures that a UNF government would implement, to bring down the cost of living, eliminate corruption and restore democracy and good governance."

The government has distorted the precarious situation the economy was in, by giving concocted figures. It was also using duplicitous methods to calculate the cost of living index and then claims that prices have come down, he said.

Commenting on the UNF and Sarath Fonseka-led Democratic National Alliance, contesting the parliamentary poll on different platforms, he said that their objectives were the same, though they were using different symbols.

"The UNF and DNA are both committed to defeating the corrupt and dictatorial Rajapaksa regime. So, in effect we are working together," Attanayake said.

"We will conduct truthful policy based campaigns and not resort to baseless mud slinging and character assassination."

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