‘Battle of the Golds’ teams evenly matched

It could be anybody’s game when Kegalu Vidyalya take on St. Mary’s College in the 32nd ‘Battle of the Golds’ sponsored by Dialog, which will be played at the Kegalle Esplanade this Friday and Saturday (March 5 and 6) with play commencing at 9.45 a.m. on both days.

This series commenced in the early 60s, but it has been interrupted on several occasions. Saner counsel prevailed and the series resumed after the heat died down. There have been some incidents which are unique.

At one of the matches, the spectators ran away with the stumps and they could not be retrieved. A new set of stumps was brought, but there were no bails and the match was continued without the bails. More recently, the unyielding spectators not only uprooted the stumps but also attempted to remove the matting, so that play could not continue. This was done to deprive one side from winning.

All these incidents indicate the over enthusiasm of the spectators who throng in their numbers, lighting crackers and cheering their side till their throats are hoarse. But this fun and frolic should have its limitations and should not go to the extent of disrupting play.

Thirty one keenly fought out battles have been witnessed and St. Mary’s College which gave Tharanga Paranawitharane to national cricket have five wins against none by Kegalu Vidyalaya.

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