Central Province Governor declares dengue control week

KANDY – Central Province Governor Tikiri Kobbekaduwa has declared an Anti-dengue week in the central province after reports of an increase in the disease had caused alarm amongst the Provincial administration.

Kobbekaduwa directed heads of all public institutions and local government bodies in the province to observe March 15 to 22 as the Anti-dengue week and clean up all possible breeding places of the dengue mosquitoes.

The Central Province Health Ministry will head the campaign to coordinate the activities on a voluntary basis.

Governor Kobbekaduwa has instructed teachers, students and members of social service organisations, and Civil Security Force members, to join in the clean up campaign so that no room would be left for dengue mosquitoes to breed.

At a media briefing on the programme, Governor Kobbekaduwa, disclosed that reports had revealed at least 500 cases of dengue and four deaths were reported during the first two months of the year.

The Governor said that the situation was alarming. Last year the reported cases of dengue in the province were approximately 7,000, with 53 deaths. Thirty deaths were reported from Kandy district, while seventeen were from the Matale district.

Every institution both, public and private as well as every individual in the province must take up the issue as serious, and leave no room for breeding of dengue mosquitoes, Governor Kobbekaduwa said, adding that the authorities should resort to legal action against the incorrigible citizens.

Director, Health Services of the Central Province, Dr. Mrs. Shanthi Samarasinghe said that instructions had been issued to all public and local government bodies of the province that serious note should be taken to ensure cleanliness in their respective divisions of administration.

People should be prepared for the rainy season that the country will experience shortly, she warned.

A careless boutique owner of Rattota in Matale was prosecuted by the PHIs and found guilty by the Court. He was fined Rs. 7,500 and sentenced to six months jail suspended for five years, Dr. Dissanayake said.

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