Bus owners to sue transport authority

The Lanka Private Bus Owners Association has decided to take legal action against the Western Province Road Passenger Transport Authority for not issuing bus timetables.

LPBOA president Gemunu Wijeratne yesterday said the failure to issue timetables had led to fatal accidents and amounted to a violation of commuters’ fundamental rights.

Two passengers had died when a Colombo bound Matugama bus collided with another bus recently and six persons had sustained serious injuries. The LPBOA attributed the incident to a rush on the part of the drivers to catch up with the bus ahead of them. Such a situation would not occur if buses were to run according to timetables, Wijeratne said.

Addressing a media conference in Colombo he pointed out that LPBOA would have no alternative but to take recourse to the law. Several requests for timetables had fallen on deaf ears. The Supreme Court had ordered that private buses be operated according to a time table, he said.

Except the Southern Province Road Passenger Transport Authority, all other authorities were corrupt and involved in malpractices such as issuing illegal bus permits, he said.

Wijeratne said that LPBOA had officially decided to cancel the memberships of private bus owners who failed to comply with the Election Commissioner’s order to remove all political advertisements such as posters and stickers from buses. Some bus owners in Gampaha, Kegalle and Ratnapura had disregarded his association’s decision. The LPBOA would inform them to abide by the election laws, he said.

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