Lalith makes excuses for public servants

Although a public servant was expected to work 8 hours per day, on an average they work only three hours and 20 minutes a day, Lalith Weeratunga, Secretary to the President said addressing a group of State sector employees and trade union leaders at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in Colombo yesterday. He said this was due to poor transport, technological defects and administrative problems.

He emphasised the need to rectify the shortcomings to ensure that public workers could at least work for five hours. He said the country could not be developed unless the public sector played its role.

He said that they shouldn’t neglect their duty as they were paid from taxpayers’ money.

The veteran public servant paid a tribute to President Rajapaksa and the Defence Secretary, who had spearheaded the war against the LTTE and brought the war to an end last May.

He said that a section of the international community was bent on producing Sri Lankan political and military leaders before an international war crimes tribunal. He emphasised that the country wouldn’t allow that to happen

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