New policy on education to be introduced after elections - Susil

A new education policy would be introduced to after the April 8 General Election, Education Minister Susil Premajayanth said.

He said that there were several short comings in the prevailing education system and the new policy would correct these errors.

Premajayanth claimed that several governments which were in earlier power, promised a new education policy which never materialised.

"The Education sector in Sri Lanka comes under the purview of the Education Ordinance of 1939, but the Ministry has decided to introduce a new Act as the existing Act proves to have several faults," Premajayanth said.

He said the Ministry has appointed a committee to draft a new policy and the draft had been submitted recently.

"Our victory is certain at this General Election along with a two thirds majority. We hope to present the new education bill to the new parliament which is scheduled to meet on April 22," the Minister said.

He said there were about 9,763 government schools countrywide, with 4 million students and a workforce of 225,000 teachers.

However, there were several complains from parents about the difficulty in admitting their children to Grade 01 of government schools for last few years, Premajayanth said adding that the problem forced thousands of students to idle at home for months without a school.

However, the Minister vowed to solve this problem by the new Education Act.

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