Requested 2/3rd majority for a new constitution

God forbid that such an important task be left to Politicians!

A constitution should be acceptable to, and honoured by, all citizens of the country. Political parties, ethnic groups, religious bodies, professional organizations, Human Rights activists - a broad spectrum of Civil Society should be invited to send in their blue prints for a New Constitution. Whilst we are agreed that a new Constitution is necessary, we must know its contents before we give our approval at a Referendum.

A Constituent Assembly inclusive of a panel of retired Supreme Court Judges and Jurists should be appointed to sift through the material and draft the Constitution. This draft should be presented to the Public for their comments via the media. The new Constitution could then be presented to the people at a Referendum.

Minority rights, Ethnic and Cultural, should be addressed and the majority will of the ethnic groups should be ascertained. Once these rights are constitutionally entrenched and guaranteed, we may hope to see the end of ethnic and religious political parties and the dawn of a new era, political parties based on political ideologies.

The 17th Amendment, allowing for no loopholes to subvert the spirit behind it - namely that the Constitutional Council, Judiciary, Private and Public Services should be completely independent and safe from political interference should be included. "Crossovers" violating the spirit of Democratic governance should not be permitted. Professional organizations and Trade Unions should not be politicized. Trade Unions should not be permitted to make or break a Government elected to power on matters of policy. The CMU is a good example as to how a Trade Union should conduct its affairs.

If such a Constitution could be presented to the people, it will receive the required endorsement.

We look forward to a period of enlightened Democratic Governance.


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