New constitution should address needs of all communities
Piyasena Gamage

"Not only the Executive Presidential system but the preferential election system too should be changed when drafting a new constitution that could address the needs of all the ethnic groups in our country", Minister of Vocational and Technical Training and leader of the UPFA Galle district team, Piyasena Gamage said at a ceremony held to open five bridges across Gin Ganga from Neluwa to Hiniduma.

Five bridges constructed at Hiniduma, Neluwa, Madugeta, Mawita, Mawanaana and Hingalgoda across Gin Ganga constructed at a cost of Rs.850 million were opened on the same day. Fourteen bridges across the Gin Ganga were destroyed by 2002 floods. The project was implemented to replace those bridges destroyed.

Minister Gamage said a country could not be developed when there was political instability. There was chaos in the country during the period of insurrection of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna in 1971 and 1988/89. For the last 30 years fighting for a separate state by the LTTE ruined the country. No government was able to concentrate on development. Politicians changing their support from one party to another too was a sign of political instability.

Opposition during the last Presidential Election demanded the abolition of the Executive Presidential system but when the UPFA presented proposals to abolish it, they set fire to it when presented to parliament for approval, the minister said. He said that not only the presidential system even the preferential voting system should be changed.

He pointed out that due to this preferential system candidates were compelled to spend a colossal sum of money. No one could easily do propaganda work easily within the entire district, and there would be a lot of violations of election rules. There could be clashes among the candidates of the same party. Considering all those factors, he said, the government was all out to change the existing Constitution to a better one acceptable to all the communities.

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