‘Tigers used sex bombs in a bid to manipulate UPFA MPs’

The LTTE not only used explosive devices in a desperate bid to bring down President Rajapaksa’s government but also used foreign sex workers as part of a campaign to win over UPFA MPs to defeat budgets in 2007 and 2008, a Minister reveals

Transport Minister Dallas Alahapperuma says LTTE sympathisers went to the extent of enticing some members of the ruling coalition with highly paid foreign sex workers in a bid to win them ahead of third reading of budget debate in 2007 and 2008. He says a defeat for the SLFP-led coalition would have caused the collapse of Sri Lanka’s successful war against the LTTE.

Responding to a query by The Island, Minister Alahapperuma said that there had been a direct link between the move against the budget and using foreign call girls to entrap MPs. He indicated that the government might reveal more details after the April 8 election.

According to him, a section of the UPFA MPs loyal to President Rajapaksa had

waged a secret battle to thwart the move. Minister Alahapperuma emphasised that he made this revelation with responsibility though being embarrassed to acknowledge the duplicity of some of the government MPs.

He said that interested parties had also offered money to MPs. "Let me put it this way, the Minister said, "they transformed Parliament to a market place and MPs became commodities."

He said women from two countries had been offered to politicians in a bid to make their switch their allegiance.

Alahapperuma and another senior minister had raided a five-star hotel after receiving information regarding a secret rendezvous. According to him, they had to be on alert in November in 2007 and 2008 to meet the threat posed by conspirators.

An irate Minister said some of the conspirators who had not even had a right to exercise their franchise at an election in Sri Lanka, made an attempt to bring down the Rajapaksa government but in vain.

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